from February to April

Hey guys and girls,

It’s been a long long time since I have written. I could finally find the time for this, as I did not want to write earlier…

Now I have been almost for 8 months in Russia. Unbelievable! In February was our second orientation in Udmurtiya where we went to Mozhga, did a presentation there and could do some handicrafts. We met there for the first time our new exchange student Eduardo from Honduras. In the orientation we did a lot of talks and games – as usual, of course we did some energizers and stuff.

We had one week of holidays in the last week of march in which I went a lot for walks – it’s so typicall for Russians to go walking with friends! I also started running then because there didn’t fall a lot of snow anymore. I went with Balkis, Eduardo, Fernanda from Mexico, Fakhrul from Indonesia, Carla from Spain, Clémence from France to Kazan. It is such a beautiful city.

We spent there 3 days and went there by train. By a very slow train. So we drove 6 hours to there. At the night before I and Balqis slept at Eduardo’s house

Eduardo and me went to the banya (Russian sauna) for 2 hours as it was not to hot. In the night we played card games and talked but did not sleep because we would have had stayed up at 4 am.

In Kazan we met the others and went to our flat that we rented for these days. We went walking a lot in the city and the second day we went to a sauna all together where also was a swimming pool without which we wouldn’t have had survived 15 minutes. In each day we cooked national meals. I made „Spätzle“, but actually they were not that good as usual but the others seemed to like them

On the third day we went walking again and almost missed our train and we had to run to the train station to get it. We could not even say really goodbye :'(

By the way, in Russia easter hasn’t been yet. They celebrate it somewhere in May and until that my sister and my host mom do not eat any animal products because they are religious… But sometimes they cheat and eat some chocolate with milk or even meat. Now, in April the snow started to melt rapidly. Two weeks ago there was everywhere snow one meter high but until today everything melted and the trees start slowly getting green. People get more active and „spring“ starts.

In school I started going to the fitness room to train away my fat and I am starting preparing myself with jogging for Germany where I will run a (half)or -marathon. In school we do in the afternoons volleyball matches.


But the only thing what I don’t like is that I have so few time left in Russia.

Probably it is going to more difficult to say goodbye to my new family, my (AFS)friends and to Russia because I can’t be sure if and when I will see

them again!IMG-20160324-WA0011 IMG-20160325-WA0010 IMG-20160401-WA0024


Here we went to the House of international friendship in I


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