I’m already south african..

5  m o n t h s.

Too weird. When I tell people that I’m here for 5 months, they always say I’m already south african now..

But it sill feels like I just arrived yesterday although there’s so much happening here. I’m getting so close to the children, they are just everything for me. They are my  l i f e. Besides I had great holidays. South Africa is so different and so awesome. It’s incredible. It’s sad though, because it’s so beautiful that you can’t even describe it. -I guess that’s the reason why I don’t blog that often..- We -another volunteer and I- went to Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay and had an amazing time there! And we actually did quiet a lot – Addo Elephant Park, surf lessons, Bungy Jumping..  A w e s o m e! And we’ve already booked our flight tickets for the next holidays: Cape Town. I’m so excited! It’s so weird. I really love my project and don’t want to leave the children at all but I reeeaally want to  t r a v e l  though. There are just so many places to see in South Africa and even countries like Mozambique and Swaziland I would love to visit but unfortunately there’s too little time. Yup, one year is definitely too short!

Well, it’s not all good. I keep on getting sick and I’m just tired of it. The first times I only caught colds, but now I just caught this virus – for the third time!- which makes me vomiting all the time. Not nice!

Anyways, nothing will make me going to Germany earlier than July. I don’t even want to think about leaving South Africa! It’s  h o m e..


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